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Voluntown Baptist Church
Here are a sampling of Sunday sermons.  If you're a member or regular presence of VBC, please Log In to the website.  Logging in will allow you access to all Recent Sermons located under the Resources section.

   Sunday Worship Service - 06/19/16
   "Spiritual Formation 10: Transforming our Social Dimension"
   Text: Romans 12:1-21
   Pastor: Rev. David A. Larsen

   Sunday Worship Service - 06/12/16
   "Spiritual Formation 9: Transforming the Body"
   Pastor: Rev. David A. Larsen
   Sunday Worship Service - 06/05/16
   "Spiritual Formation 8: Transforming the Heart"
   Pastor: Rev. David A. Larsen
   Sunday Worship Service - 06/28/15
   "Testimony by April Robert"
   Pastor: Rev. David A. Larsen

52 Main Street * P.O. Box 508 * Voluntown, CT 06384 (860)-376-9485