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Voluntown Baptist Church
We are in New England and that means snow in the winter - sometimes A LOT of snow.  As New Englanders, we are accustomed to it and go about our daily schedules while enjoying one of God's amazing seasonal gifts.  However, there may be times when you look out of your window and wonder, "Will there be church today?".
There are a few ways to find out if Voluntown Baptist Church is closed.
  • This website! You'll see the announcement posted on the homepage in BOLD PRINT in lower right corner! 
    • Television News Channel 3 (WFSB)
    • FM Radio Stations 97.7 (WCTY), 98.7 (WCNL) and 100.9 (WKNL/KOOL 101)
    • AM Radio station 1310 (WICH)

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    "Voluntown Moonlit Winter" Photo courtesy of Joe Roberts -



52 Main Street * P.O. Box 508 * Voluntown, CT 06384 (860)-376-9485