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Voluntown Baptist Church

  Senior Pastor: Rev. David A. Larsen
with his wife Linda Larsen
A little background and a message from the pastor -

I grew up in Brooklyn, New York when we still played hockey on roller skates and stickball in the street. (Ok, I’m old- but I have an iPhone and I know how to use it!)  I committed my life to Christ when I was seven.  I graduated from Wheaton College with a Biology degree, and then spent a year in the Dominican Republic where I diagnosed and treated children for parasites.  That work was published in a Dominican medical journal.  My fiancé left medical school in 1980 to marry me; I am sure she questioned that move more than once! :-) I graduated from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in 1988 and began pastoring Voluntown Baptist Church in January of 1989. Our baby girl was two when we arrived, and now our three children are grown and married. Overnight, it seems. My first love is the church, but I also serve as the Wing Chaplain for the Connecticut Air National Guard. I have deployed three times with the USAF. 


The church and I grew up together over the last 25 years, and God has blessed the work of our hands and our hearts. We want to know God’s truth, live God’s truth, and share God’s truth with others. We are imperfect, but God is at work in us. We DO try hard because we want to please our Lord. We rely on grace and forgiveness because our efforts alone will never be enough. So, we are Bible believing,-but not legalistic. We just want to get it right, and we believe we can do that better - and have more fun - if we do that together!  I love this place and these people.  So will you.  Not perfect, but real.


We love our community and we are enthusiastically engaged in every part of it.  We have a great school, town and fire department.  Like an extended family, we hold hands and stick together. We all sort of belong to each other, and it shows.


We encourage every church member to meet needs inside and outside the church. That’s what God does. We want to grow in number, but also in spiritual depth. That is why we are here. This church was incorporated in 1832. We are built on an enduring legacy of faithfulness. 


I believe the best measure of spiritual maturity is the Fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness,faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.  May we ever see these things growing in ourselves and in one another. God bless.


Pastor Dave



Office Manager : Susan Stripling
Susan is the newest addition to our staff.  
She actively puts together the weekly bulletin, handles phone calls, manages the church event calendar, assists the pastors with their administrative needs and helps out with other activities of the church.  If you have something to put in the bulletin or directory, she is the go-to person.  
What a joy it is to have her on our team! 

52 Main Street * P.O. Box 508 * Voluntown, CT 06384 (860)-376-9485