Lighthouse Soup Kitchen

A true story

A man said to me....

"I am not called to serve where I can be comfortable, or where I might use my God given talent. I do not serve because it might get me to heaven nor do I serve because it feels good. I serve because there are people out there who are hungry, cold, scared, sick, and lost. I serve them because I can, today. I might not be able to tomorrow"!

These words are from a homeless man at the Lighthouse Soup Kitchen. He volunteers there whenever he is physically, mentally or spiritually able.

Sometimes you serve him!

Your church, Wenatchee First United Methodist Church, volunteers at the Lighthouse Soup Kitchen twice a month on Saturday mornings. Because we can, today!

We need you to be part of this mission so that we can continue serving people in our community.
If you are interested please tell me, so that I can keep you notified of the needs.

Keeping it going,

Tracy Carlson, Connectional Ministry 



We have an opportunity to be radical servants to the Light House Soup Kitchen. Every quarter: January, April, July, and October we will be deep cleaning our local soup kitchen from 3:00 to 5:00 pm on the last Sunday of the month. Keep it on your calendar, as more information will be posted in our newsletter.

Radically Yours,
Tracy Carlson
Connectional Ministry 

Regular Worship SEPTEMBER-JUNE: 8:00am, 10:00am; Summer Worship JULY-AUGUST ONLY: 8:15am Outdoor, 10:00am Sanctuary