Starting Fall 2019, all school uniforms must be from French Toast. However, Parker blue polo shirts with the ILS logo may still be worn.    
 Available online only. No local purchase options available.
 Please click link below for pictures, descriptions and to order.
  • Belt must be solid brown leather with no ornamentation
  • Shoes must be athletic/tennis shoes
  • Socks or tights must be white or navy blue. Socks must be seen
  • Jumper, skirt, culottes, and shorts hemlines must be knee-length
  • No hats, caps, or other headgear are allowed
  • Hair must be neat and clean, out of the eyes and not causing any distraction in the classroom
  • Boys hair must not touch the collar of the shirt
  • No excessive jewelry or make-up may be worn
  • Boys must not wear earrings
  • Facial or body jewelry and tattoos are not permitted
This list is not all-inclusive list but serves as a guideline.  The school retains the right to make adjustments as needed at any time during the school year.
Students are expected to dress neatly, modestly, appropriately and to be clean and well groomed.  ILS students take pride in their appearance and present themselves as a God pleasing witness to others.

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