Angela Banker
Youth & Family Ministries

Angela has worked with families with children as a volunteer for three+ years. Effective September 2016, she was hired to lead the junior high/senior high school youth program. Angela is also the Leader of the Children and Family Council. It is where she keeps us on our toes to be constantly creating exciting and inviting ministries for our families with young children. In addition, two years ago, she and Eric, her husband, created the hiking ministry, which is very popular and continues to grow in participation. If asked about her favorite part of working for the church, she will probably tell you how much she loves building relationships, particularly with young people. We are truly fortunate to have someone with Angela’s gifts working as a leader in our youth ministry.  

Regular Worship SEPTEMBER-JUNE: 8:00am, 10:00am; Summer Worship JULY-AUGUST ONLY: 8:15am Outdoor, 10:00am Sanctuary