Columbia Elementary School
An exciting new partnership with
Columbia Elementary School!

A new adventure has
been offered to our
church family:
a partnership with our
neighborhood school,
Columbia Elementary.



Five retired school teachers and administrators - Carolin Piepel, Jan Blaesing, Sheryl Twombly, Billie Lopushinsky and Leanne Alexander - have accepted the challenge to create opportunities for our congregation to get involved and be in ministry with our neighbors.  Below you will see that our community, our neighbors, our children can use our help.
Here are a few facts about Columbia School
· Student count 460 with 67.7% identified as Hispanic
· 85% are eligible for the reduced or free lunch program
· For various reasons approx. 200 students are transfer students in or out every year
· They are at the bottom 10% of all Washington schools on how they perform in reading and math


Here are three four ways in which we can be a good neighbor
Children's Books
Share Your Stories

Do you love to read? Do you remember having someone read to you? How about reading  with a flashlight, under the covers, after you were supposed to be asleep? Now imagine not having any books in your home to read. A large number of the students at Columbia Middle School are hungry for books. 
There are a number of ways that you can help:
  • Look around your home for children's books that are no longer being used.
  • Keep an eye out at yard sales and thrift stores for age appropriate books
    (grades K – 5th)

  • Watch for book sales to stock up and have ready to donate.
It's that easy. 
One more thing: remember to thank the parents/teachers/librarians that taught YOU about the wonder of books. Thanks.

Lunch buddy program
This program has been pairing business leaders and community members with students for weekly lunches for a number of years.  Just one hour a week is a small investment for such a big result.  "I feel happy when I see my lunch buddy," writes one young student. 
"I have a friend who listens and cares about me," is how another student describes her time with her lunch buddy. Students in grades 2-5 are eligible for the lunch buddy program.  Time with your lunch buddy must be spent on school property.  You may eat either in the lunchroom or at tables in the hallways.  As a lunch buddy you can choose to play a game, do an art project, or read a book with the student.    

Reading Buddies
Volunteers from the community are paired with students each week to read together, generally at tables or chairs in the hallway. Having someone listen to a child read out loud significantly increases her or his reading score.
Donate Winter Coats and Gloves (contact church to check on this)
Many students come to school on a cold blustery day with a thin coat. Families must choose between food, housing or clothes.  A warm coat and gloves that fit would begin their day in a much healthier way. Bring in coats and gloves during October. Remember, large coats are as needed as well as small ones.

Consider one or more of these important opportunities to serve our neighbors. As we move toward being in full partnership with Columbia we will have more information for you.  Contact the church office [663-1607] for more information on helping out.

Working on Doing the Right Thing
Tracy Faulkner

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