Our Bags of Grace ministry is currently on hiatus.

Our Bags of Grace ministry benefited the homeless in our area. A team was formed that collected donations of certain items to put in the "Bags of Grace," like canned tuna, health bars, dried fruit, jerky, socks, mittens, hand and foot warmers, knit hats, gloves, scarves, etc. that benefited those who live on the street.

We carried these "Bags of Grace" in our vehicle and whenever we met a homeless person on the street, we gave them one of these bags.


BAGS OF GRACE has  E  X  T  E  N  D  E  D our Mission
Grace Lutheran Church has invited us to be in partnership with one of their programs they call “Packing Friendship.” Very similar to our Bags of Grace though more focused on the school age children in the valley. This program provides food items for the children in the Wenatchee schools who live in poverty and could use some extra food.

Our part of the mission will be providing Welcome Friendship Bags for those in need when they sign up as new students in one of our schools. Hopefully, this gift will not only make them feel welcome but provide them with some nourishment until they get started on the school lunch program. Some of the food items that we’re looking for are (during the school year):
  • 5-oz cans tuna
  • juice boxes
  • jars of peanut  butter
  • Easy Mac or Top Ramen
  • small boxes of raisins or dried fruit

These donations can go into the Bags of Grace basket in the Narthex with the donations you’ve been making for Bags of Grace. Hopefully you’ll think of our homeless and children in need when you’re grocery shopping and pick up a few extra items to contribute. It’s your generosity that allows us to “keep on giving.”  Thanks so much.


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