India Clean Water Project Mission

Robin and Jim Gates and grandson Max Weller have returned from India and the installation of a clean water system in a Christian orphanage.

There were 75 children plus their teachers and staff. They ranged from 7-12 years old and their smiling faces and joyful excitement brought a deep joy to our hearts. They, along with the village people, now have clean water for drinking and cooking.

We traveled with 6 others from the East Coast who’s Presbyterian Church purchased the system and was the main sponsor of the Living Waters project. Robin and Max helped teach lessons for the teachers and children on the importance of clean water.

Jim helped supervise a team of local men and school boys who installed the system and were trained to run it. There will be several yearly follow-ups by members of the Living Waters project to ensure that it is being properly used.

Other sites in the area are being surveyed for water purification installations. One site is a Methodist orphanage of 200 children, we met many of the leaders who work there. It is our hope that our church could help purchase a system for that site. The cost is $3,000.00.

We would like to thank all those who helped collect toothbrushes, sewing kits and crayons for the children and adults and to the mission team for making a contribution to the project.


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