First United Methodist Church offers a traditional setting for your special day. The building itself is a beautiful stone church surrounded by mature landscaping where you can have your keepsake photos taken. The main Sanctuary is warm with high ceilings, natural wood beams and tall windows. The pipe organ is Wenatchee's finest and the Sanctuary is equipped with multimedia capability. We also have a Chapel for smaller, more intimate weddings.

About Us
Weddings at First Church are always an exciting,  special time. Our Wedding booklet explains everything you'll need to know for making your Wedding perfect. See below for the entire booklet or you can pick one up at the church.

Wedding Hostesses
A Wedding Hostess will be assigned to you. She will be your liaison during the planning stages through the wedding ceremony. You can rely on her for all your questions and scheduling.
The Service of Marriage
The Service of Marriage is a sacred function of the Church. It is regarded as one of the great religious occasions in life, and although the Church is a place of weddings, no wedding is routine, and all are important. Every effort is made by those who minister in this Church to make the Service of Marriage meaningful
and memorable.

Your Ceremony will be unforgettable at First Church. Your vows are a sacred pledge to one another. You may write your own vows, or use our traditional vows, adding special touches where appropriate. You will want to begin planning in plenty of time to arange for the flowers, photographer, music, colors, and to choose one of our pastors.

Reserving the Date
of Your Wedding

Please reserve your wedding date by visiting or calling the church office, 663-1607. A $50 deposit is required when reserving the actual date of your wedding. This fee is refundable up to 30 days prior to the scheduled wedding date.
Our wedding hostess will be in attendance at all weddings and rehearsals. She will meet with the bride and make arrangements for other meetings as needed prior to your wedding. She will also be present to assist the Pastor during the Wedding Rehearsal, your Wedding and your Reception, if it is at the church.

We have two pastors who are available to conduct your wedding.  Weddings are conducted only by the minister(s) of our church, unless you have obtained approval of our senior pastor to invite another pastor to officiate.  An appointment with our clergy should be made approximately six (6) weeks in advance of the date of your wedding ceremony. The Pastor will want to get acquainted with you, offer counsel and care and help you prepare for the ceremony early, before last minute details crowd the calendar.

The Wedding License and Certificate should be brought to our Church Office at least ten (10) days prior to your ceremony. Please remember there is a 3-day waiting period in the State of Washington.

Details of Your Wedding
After reserving the actual date of your wedding, a number of important decisions must be made. At First Church many options are available to you. You will want to obtain a current fee schedule for the event; one is available in the church office or we can email one to you.

Consultation With the Pastor
Our pastors require two meetings with the bride and groom to prepare for the wedding. In addition, included in the honorarium paid to the pastor, are up to three optional pre-marital counseling sessions.

Please Remember....
The sanctuary and chapel are places of worship. Banners and other symbols of worship will change from time to time. The wedding hostess will work with you in planning your decorations around these symbols. However, the church reserves the right to determine what religious decor can be removed for a wedding.

Jackie Griffiths 663-1607
Wedding Hostess  Pat Bergren 679-9936
Pastor  Rev. John Coleman Campbell 663-1607
Pastor Rev. Joanne Coleman Campbell 663-1607
Organist Susan
Sound Technician Greg Heuchert  

About Your Wedding Hostess
When you reserve a wedding date with First Church, you are assigned a wedding hostess. The wedding hostess serves as the church's representative at every wedding held at First Church. She will be your liaison and assist you in planning your wedding ceremony, coordinate various responsibilities relating to your ceremony, and keep our staff informed of any needs or concerns you may have.

The wedding hostess will contact you soon after your wedding date is reserved, help you complete our Wedding Information Form, give you a tour of the church and explain the various wedding options available to you. At that time, she will also discuss with you music options, ideas you may have regarding soloists and the possibility of using our church organist and/or soloist. If your rehearsal date has yet to be reserved, she will work with you to confirm a convenient date and time.

Wedding Florist
It is customary, though not required, to have altar arrangements. Decisions of this nature are left to the bride's and groom's discretion. It is necessary, however, that you inform the wedding hostess of your plans in order to coordinate your florist's access to the building.




Music for Your Ceremony
If organ music is chosen, the wedding hostess is responsible for scheduling an organist to perform on our sanctuary organ. It will then be up to the bride or groom to contact the organist six (6) weeks in advance of the wedding date, to discuss specific music requests and plans. Our church is host to the largest pipe organ in North Central Washington. As it is a very complicated instrument, only organists approved by our head Organist may use the instrument.

Outside musicians (soloists, accompanists) are welcome to perform in your ceremony. If you plan to use outside musicians, however, please consult with our clergy as to the music they will perform and its duration. Taped music or CD's are possible as well. Our sound technician should be informed at least 10 days in advance. An honorarium for the soloist(s) is not included in our Fee Schedule. Because soloists are often close friends or relatives of the bride or groom, you may wish to give the honorarium to your soloist personally. All musicians should be asked to be present at your rehearsal. Soloists are asked to work with the organist and/or accompanist in advance of your rehearsal, to insure that your music is performed in a professional manner. Please insist that they practice alone and with their accompanist well before your rehearsal.

Seating During the Ceremony
The wedding hostess will arrange reserved seating for the families of the bride and groom. Your wedding hostess should be informed as to the number of family members attending your ceremony and the manner in which you desire to seat them.

Wedding Florist
It is customary, though not required, to have altar arrangements. Decisions of this nature are left to the bride's and groom's discretion. It is necessary, however, that you inform the wedding hostess of your plans in order to coordinate your florist's access to the building.
Wedding Photographs
It will be the responsibility of the bride and groom to contact a photographer of their choice. When scheduling your photography session, please explain that all photos must be completed 1/2 hour before your wedding ceremony begins (except for pictures of the wedding couple leaving the Sanctuary). We ask that your photographer be discreet and place photographic equipment in a stationary location during the ceremony, without additional lighting. Please consult the wedding hostess regarding the use of video equipment for the ceremony. We ask that your family and friends be informed not to use flash photography during the wedding ceremony, as a courtesy to your photographer and guests.
Wedding Attendants
The actual number of attendants you choose for your wedding is entirely up to you, though it will be helpful to consult with the wedding hostess about the effect on the arrangement of the wedding party during the ceremony.

Video Presentations
If you plan to show a video presentation during your wedding, your wedding hostess must be told of this at least 6 weeks in advance of the ceremony so a visual technician can be obtained to show the video. All video presentations must be in DVD format and you must bring it to the church at least one week prior to the ceremony to test it on our equipment.

Wedding Rehearsal
The pastor and wedding hostess will guide you through each step of your wedding at your wedding rehearsal and will make every effort to accommodate your wishes for your wedding ceremony.

All members of the wedding party - bride, groom, parents of the bride and groom, organist, accompanist, soloist, best man, maid of honor, bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girl, ring bearer, and Scripture readers - should be present at your wedding rehearsal.

Since your rehearsal will help prepare you and your attendants for your wedding, please be certain that all attendants come to the rehearsal at its scheduled time. A late arrival creates a hardship for other members of the wedding party, as well as the church staff. Your wedding rehearsal should be scheduled no later than 6:00 p.m. and will last approximately one hour.


Your Wedding Set-up
Our wedding hostess will help you by providing examples of past wedding set-ups and showing you the equipment that is currently available to you through First Church. She will make every effort to coordinate a satisfactory time for your access to the Church for the purpose of set-up. Set-up is generally completed the day before your ceremony, unless, of course, another wedding on that day or another building use conflict exists. Pew bows are to be put up on the day of your wedding.

Candle Lighting Options
First Church has two sets of candelabrae in different styles, two altar candles and two candle lighters available for use during your wedding ceremony. There is no fee for their use; however, the purchase of the candles will be the responsibility of the bride and groom. Occasionally, a bride and groom request a Unity Candle on the altar. The purchase of this candle will be the responsibility of the bride and groom. The wedding hostess will be happy to show you the items mentioned. Please be certain she understands whether or not you will be using them and which type you desire. She will make note of your choices and relay that information to the staff. For safety reasons, there can be no lighted candles in the aisles. Lighted candles can only be placed on the raised chancel area.

Decorating for Your Wedding
The following list will help you determine your needs for decorating in our Sanctuary
or Chapel.

- Appropriate floral decorations on our altar.
- Pew bows (using pew bow clips ONLY).
- Candles - The church provides candelabrae, but not the candles.
- Brass spiral candelabra - 1 Pair with adjustable arms (each requiring 15 candles -   
  candles not included).
- Brass adjustable arm candelabrae (requiring 7 candles - candles not included).
- Candle lighting equipment - provided by the church.
- Gift table and guest book table - set up in our Parlor.

The Day of Your Wedding
The wedding hostess will make the church available to you up to four (4) hours prior to your ceremony. Please use this time-frame when coordinating photography appointments with your photographer. Additional time can be arranged in advance, at the current rate per hour for our wedding hostess.

Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited in the church and on its grounds. If members of the wedding party appear to be inebriated, the pastor reserves the right to stop the proceedings.

Throwing of rice, bird seed, confetti, etc. is not allowed on the church property, in order to avoid unnecessary injury and clutter in the church or on its grounds.
We at First United Methodist Church
hope you will enjoy planning your wedding, and that the resources we make available to you will be helpful. If there is anything you need to ask or discuss, please don't hesitate to speak with the wedding hostess, a pastor, or to call the church office for assistance!
Congratulations and best wishes
from First United Methodist Church!

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